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Hello, Friends!!!

We have started a blog…quite frankly, to make our website more informative and interesting to visit.
Visit it here:

There are a lot of topics that we are asked about repeatedly: how to get rid of fleas, what to feed a dog with an upset stomach, the safety of giving Benedryl to pets, stuff like that. However, we are also aware that there are lots of things that people with pets would want to read about: when to see a specialist, how to make difficult decisions about quality of life, dermatology issues, arthritis, etc.

We will be posting new blog entries at a minimum of once a month, and we have a lot to post about! We do welcome suggestions, though…if there is a topic of particular interest, please let us know! You can send suggestions to:

For our first post, I thought it would be a good time to do an introduction. We are still getting so many new clients every day, but I also thought it would be nice for our long-time clients to get an idea of how our services and staff have grown over the last 12 years.

We will also be posting the link to our blog posts on Facebook, so please follow us there as well. If you’d like, please post pictures to our Facebook page of your furkids. We all like to show off our babies, and people love to see them!

Since it is new to us, the look of the blog may vary as we go along, so thank you in advance as we learn what we are doing with this newfangled technology.

Happy Fall, Ya’ll!!

By the way…this photo is one of our techs, Brittany, with her crew of canine kids. They are excited about the new blog!!!