Topic of the Month

This month's topic is...DENTAL DIGITAL X-RAY!!!

Carolina Forest Veterinary Hospital now has state-of-the-art digital dental radiography (x-ray) equipment. Digital dental radiography allows the visualization of the internal anatomy of your pet's teeth along with the roots and surrounding bone. This allows us to diagnose bone loss or hidden disease that may be present in the tooth roots and jawbone areas that may not be visible during an oral exam prior to the dental procedure. The benefit of specialized dental radiography equipment is that it allows us to manipulate the film after it is taken, allowing us to see the image in ways that are not possible with traditional, full-body x-ray.

The digital images can be produced within a few seconds, which reduces the amount of radiation exposure your pet receives and allows us to diagnose and treat your pet rapidly. Digital radiology is environmentally friendly because there are no chemicals to contaminate water.

We utilize the digital dental radiology during general dentistry procedures, emergencies and traumas.